Move Plots to multiple USB drives sequentially from an SATA SSD temp

Hi everyone! I need Help!
How can I move all the plots to multiple external drives, testing if they are full before.

Im testing plottings settings for some weeks, and decide to test the SATA SSD as final destination on the plot making, than move all to my USB external drives storages.

BTW Im on windows 10

  • Ryzen 5 5600X
  • 32GB Crucial Ballistix 3000Mhz CL15
  • MB Asus Prime B550M-K
  • Nvidia G210 1GB on a riser card PCI1x
  • 1x Cheap SATA SSD 128GB for the S.O.
  • 1x 1TB nvme WD SN750
  • 1x 1TB nvme Cardea Zero Z340
  • 1x 512GB nvme XPG Spectrix S40G on PCI 16X adapter

Forgot to mention >> Destination Drive is an SATA SSD 1TB

I saw 2 two types of command:

___From Mumunha B on Youtube___________________________
@echo off
set "source=D:\ChiaFinalTemp"
set "destination=E:\ChiaFinalFarm"
robocopy "%source%" "%destination%" /mov *.plot
timeout /t 120
goto loop
@echo off
for /r "C:\Temp Plot\" %%G in (*.plot) do ren "%%~G" *.plottmp
move /Y "C:\Temp Plot\*.plottmp" "\\\Plots\"
for /r "\\\Plots\" %%G in (*.plottmp) do ren "%%~G" *.plot
PING localhost -n 900 >NUL
goto start

It seems they are for NAS (One final drive), but I`m with 3 or 4 external drives and need care and change if the drives on the command are full.

Any tips’re super welcome!