Moving blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite


  • have you tried to move it to another drive?

  • also if re-build it from zero up to full sync is there a chance it’ll become smaller?

  • what about sqlite3 /path/to/your/db/foo.db 'VACUUM;'

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Not sure I understand your question.

  • Yes, you can move the entire β€œ.chia” folder with the blockchain and wallet DBs to a different location and link the original location to that new folder location so Chia app does not even know that stuff moved. This is a good something that you may want to consider doing if running node on RPi as SD cards are sloooow.
  • Blockchain & wallet DBs will continue to grow not much of a chance for it shrinking (much) with full resync
  • VACUUM will help a bit but not much in my experience and it is not worth doing as timelords keep shrinking the blockchain automatically