Moving HDD to another computer for farming

Hello folks

Please help me out…

Following official pooling protocol release, using madmax, I created 90 new portable plots on a 10 TB HDD on my own computer for a friend of mine.

After that, I downloaded/installed chia GUI on his computer and created a new key for him. I opened chia GUI and let his machine run for a few days to be fully synced. Took almost 4 days to reach +590k. Now both full node and wallet are synced.

I moved the HDD to his computer, go to plots, “add plot directory” select the HDD with 90 new nft plots on, all showed up. In farm section it shows plot count 90 and farming status " farming".

Now here comes the main issue. I want him to farm on an official pool. How can I get these 90 plots connected to a pool like xchpool or any pool?

I added a plot nft and entered pool url. Pool created. However " number of plots" is zero. I don’t know how to add/assign the new portable plots to a pool. I don’t want to create/add new plots, just want to use what already created (90)

Please help. Thank you.

To create portable plots, u need to create a nft first.
Those plots are then bound to the nft forever.
The nft can be assigned to pools later

Looks like u created old OG plots.
Take a look at the “Pool contract”-column in the plots-tab.

No OG plots.

I had created NFT in my fast computer before starting plotting for my friend. I was actually plotting and farming on official pool protocol right up to last plot created.

To use those nft plots, the farming machine must have the same farmer key and pool contact address as the plots.

Unfortunately the nft you used to create the plots is tied to your private key, so it will only be accesible from a machine with that key on it.

At least that is my current understanding of things.

If you want to plot for someone else you have to imput their farmer key and nft

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I am facing the same issue, i have bought 200 plots the seller has provided me all keys , i have import all keys successfully & SYNC blockchain & wallet. Plots are showing up in wallet but not showing in Pool. Please help to this fix. thanks in advance.


When you buy plots, you should provide the keys to them to create the plots with.
If you bought pre plotted plots where you didn’t supply keys it’s possible they are still farming those plots so a risk.
If your happy with the risk, you would need the mnemonic that controls the whole wallet from them, then add that to your machine.

thank you Bones for your kind response.
He has provided me mnemonic key & deleted from his computer.

Are you still having the problem with them not showing up in the pool?

Still not showing in NFT Pool.

I’m hoping your using the gui or I’ll prob not be able to try to help.

Can you see the nft in your wallet?

Yes i can see NFT in wallet. but NFT are not showing in Pool.

Does the nft show the correct amount of plots added to it, you can see this by looking at it.

Total have 105 Plots in 2 HDs buts its showing 87 plots in wallet

How many plots are shown on the actual nft itself?

The 87?

We need to be a bit specific here. Maybe make a screenshot of your pool tab in the GUI ?

On the farm tab, how many plots are showing up in total ?
On the pool tab ,how many NFT’s do you see? How many plots are shown for each NFT?
Did you create any NFT’s yourself with these keys?

yes. NFT plots are shown in wallet e.g. 87.

Sorry i couldn’t find option to attached screenshot. please find the below my inline resposne.

  1. Farm tab is shown 87 plots
  2. Created NFT pool are there 13, Zero plots are shown in NFT pools.
  3. Yes i have created one NFT pool but still plots are not showing there

In wallet also showing some balance, first this was stopped now just observed it’s increased.


Ok that’s weird

  1. Farm tab is shown 87 plots

That would mean 1 of three things that I can think of:

  • 18 plots are invalid
  • 18 plots where made with a different private key
  • 18 plots are in another directory that isn’t added yet (but I’m guessing you already checked that)
    This kinda seems like the guy who made the plots screwed something up.
  1. Created NFT pool are there 13, Zero plots are shown in NFT pools.

13 NFT’s, that’s 12 more than needed, but shouldn’t be a problem.
And all 13 of them are showing 0 plots?

  1. Yes i have created one NFT pool but still plots are not showing there

Normally this would cause all the other NFT’s associated with this private key to also show up. I was hoping this was the problem, but I guess not since you already did this.

Maybe you can try to just delete the wallet DB and let it re-sync, hope the correct NFT will show up with the plots. Don’t really know what else to do.

Close chia app, delete Wallet DB files, restart computer, restart the Chia app, wait for resync.
DB location: /users/user/.chia/mainnet/wallet/db/

But maybe someone else has a better suggestion

Did you buy nft plots or og plots?

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i have bough NFT Plots.
is there any criteria to recognize OG & NFT plots?
I have spent $1500, still unable to start farming.