Multiple harvesting on pc

If I wanted to farm chia on the same machine but on behalf of different people, what should I do?

I’ve read the guide on farming on multiple machines, but does it only (rightly) talk about the same key, if you want to run multiple instances with different keys at the same time?

Two solutions come to mind

  1. Virtual Machines … a little excessive.
  2. Multiple users, cmd run as other users (win)

Is there a more efficient and “official” solution?

Thanks so much.

Same here, but I never considered splitting up the farm in that way, instead I wanted to pool all farmers together.

So I wrote a piece of software to monitor the number of plots on the drives while each drive belongs to a user. When a reward comes in, it is split up according to each user’s number of plots (minus a “maintenance” fee for me) and the results are stored in a database, also users get notified by email. Once per month accumulated rewards are transferred to the user’s wallets.

Not finished nor public (though running productively since many weeks) – I’d be interested to learn about demand for such a tool, might put it on GitHub.

Interesting concept of a locally farmed pool.

Because this kind of pool can actually see plot counts, there is no way for participants to cheat.
Even the official pooling protocol pools cannot see plot counts, only deduce the plot count (or better said, space of the plots as there are various plot sizes) via low difficulty puzzles.

The problem here is your pool participants plot size versus netspace will make the rewards coming into it irregular (unless you have a lot of plots locally) and other official pool protocol pools will be much better in smoothing out rewards.

I don’t think this will get much traction after official pools go live.

I think the new pooling protocol release will allow you to create wallets (using your private key) and generate NFT to point plots made for that NFT (user you are farming for). This way you’re still farming on the same main farmer but the plots are assigned to different NFT.

I’m not 100% yet as I have not seen the final release yet. At most you would have to send the balances from the various wallets to the different users on your own schedule.

More context, to make my application clear: people “lend” me their drives, I fill them with plots and do the farming (for a fee). All drives in one location, so very different from the typical (remote) pooling concepts.

Whether this “pool” will become part of an “official” pool is not clear yet.

This was my question, I should rent the space and would like to understand how to launch multiple instances of growers without major problems and without keeping 10 VMs