Multiple keys on one system vs one set of keys

I have a full node running in a docker container successfully farming plots.
However, prior to setting up this docker container I was running full nodes and creating plots on windows and then moved to linux.
I always intended to set up a main node on the docker container and harvester only on another PC, but barely got around to setting up the harvester.
When setting up chia on all the systems I always ran chia keys add <mnemonic-seed> using the first keys I ever created.

I ran chia keys show | grep 'Pool\|Farmer' on my main node to grab the pool and farmer keys to use on the harvester and there were 23 different sets of fingerprints, farmer, and pool keys. What in tarnation caused this?

On another post someone said, you can only farm with one key / wallet at a time and suggested deleting the plots. I only have 40 plots so I am not opposed to deleting them and starting from scratch, if this is what’s best.

Is there any way to check which keys plots were created with? This way I can salvage some plots.
If starting over is what’s best what steps would I need to perform?
On my main node do I delete all plots, delete all keys, run chia keys add <mnemonic-seed> using the first keys I ever created?
And from there only harvest using the single pair of farmer and pool keys?

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