Multiple machines on multiple networks, none of them can sync?

I have multiple machines on multiple networks. none of them can sync.
connecting directly to chia master nodes worked for a while then they dropped off.
is the chia network broken ?

search chia wiki and/or this forum for “upnp”

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The whole network being down seems… unlikely? My nodes are synced.

its not a upnp issue.

what are you synced to ?
which node ips.

Did you update to 1.15 ?

yes all nodes are at latest

For those who keep repeating that everything is fine because their nodes are synced, I’d ask them to check how many of their peers are close enough to the current blockchain height. How many blocks behind can one be to still be considered synced? How many blocks behind can one be to still have a chance of winning? I’d really like to know so that one could judge how much of the network is actually too far behind to have a chance to win.

279309 is where mine broke at.

this magically resolved itself. all my nodes are connecting fine now.

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Yea it does that time to time, be patient with it, the software is still a baby, it has to grow and evolve, every time I face this issue I just reboot, restart the node and leave for 20-30 mins, it has either synced entirely or in process of syncing…just be patient with it…a baby, is all…

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Ya, There are a lot of people reporting an issue. No real solutions or answers. There’s several reports on GitHub also. Kinda a bummer for some folks.

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