Multiple plotnfts & different Current state from block height!?

So I created 5 different poolnfts, of them 3 are connected to 3 different pools, 1 is self pooling (with 0 plots) and the last one is connected to a pool but has 0 plots as well.

When I do chia plotnft check the “Current state from block height:” value is different for every plotnft, all are behind the wallet height (654611 atm), as example one is at 644802 another one at 541835.

Soo is this normal behavior, and what’s the reason behind it?

I’ve not played with nft yet, but even without them if you farm with multiple keys they all sync separately.
From what you say it would seem as though each nft is using a different keypair so needs to sync separately.
I could be entirely wrong, that is just my best guess.

If you have created them under different wallets, bear in mind the chia node will only sync one wallet at a time, you effectively can’t use several at the same time. You’d need to create all the NFTs under the same wallet.

They are all on the same wallet! They have different wallet ids, but the wallet key is the same. (One of the plotnft is on your pool actually, and the Current state from block height is 615169 at the moment…)

I think altendky in the chia keybase understood what you were asking for. Example:
Wallet height: 655582 Current state from block height: 533045
The second value must refer to the last block in which the nft was modified/recreated (so, the last pool change or absorb transaction). I think they should make that clearer for end users.

Great, now it makes sense. Hola!