Multiple receive address?


First of all whe there is that button NEW ADDRESS under Wallets tab - Receive Address section?

Second of all, if i changed it, could it affect my solo farming?


Your wallet has a single private address - the address you see in the GUI is a public address that you can tell people and they can send you money - you can have loads of them, they will always work and receive money. The problem is if using tools like Chia Explorer to see how many chia you have you have to query all of your public addresses to get your total. The Chia app uses your private key so sees the total in one place.

I convinced myself of this, by using my different public keys in faucets and saw the Mojos arrive in my wallet :slight_smile:

I am not sure of a way to find out all the possible public addresses you may have had???

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I’d like to know that too. Thanks for reply. Let the growth be with you :four_leaf_clover:

There isn’t an easy way. Log them as you go if you really want to know them. But honestly, they don’t matter. If you really really think you need to know them, there is supposedly a way to get them from the wallet db. But there is some decoding hashes involved.