Multiple small farm PC vs. one big farm - chance of win

Hello everyone, I have question related to possibility of win. Is there any difference if we have 10x PC (all running full-node) with 60GB plots on each (same wallet of course) or 1 station with 600GB plots?

In case of solution with 10x PC: Does make sense (regard to chance of win) to cross-map each other PC HDDs with plots to “see” whole farm on each PC (connect them all together)?

Thank you for reply.

If the PC’s are on the same LAN running all full nodes, you will have a very low chance of winning. That’s because of UPnP. Please see #4 on this link: Windows Tips and Tricks · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub
So, without modifying your setup, the 1 station with the plots will have a better chance at winning than the 10 PC’s.


Ok if we change uPnP setup, is it necessary (regard to chance of win) to cross-map each other PC HDDs with plots to “see” whole farm on each PC? See screenshot here:

No. I don’t think you need to share the plots across all PC’s. It’s best to run one full node on one single LAN. Sorry I can’t be more help. I don’t exactly understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

I am having a similar problem I guess.

I am plotting on 10 desktop PCs, each of them having their own HDD drives connected, where the plots are stored. All computers belong to the same LAN. Each of the PCs is plotting and farming to the very same wallet using the official Chia’s GUI app.

Nothing but wallet private key (seed) had been set up on these machines. I have no luck mining at this point. Is there any way to have an overview of all my plots among all the machines? And the most important question, is there a way (checklist) to make sure my setup is running without issues, please?

Thank you, guys!

If you’re plotting on 10 PC’s with the GUI, you’re running 10 full nodes. This is not advised (if you’re on the same LAN) as block challenges come in through your router, and the nodes will get confused as to which one needs to reply to the challenge, and then you’ll miss out on challenges, which means you lose Chia…
You need to plot via the CLI. I’m plotting on about 10 machines myself and am using Windows with Swar’s plot manager. If you keep plotting with 10 GUI’s, you’ll never get any Chia. You need 1 full node, and the rest need to just be creating plots and dumping those plots somewhere that the full node can see them and then farm them.

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You bring up an excellent point which has been echoed in other topics here; there ought to be a way to assign a “role” to the PC via the GUI.

  • I’m a plotter!
  • I’m a farmer!
  • I’m a harvester!
  • I’m all of the above (default)

this is completely wrong information and not how even how routers work. your nodes will not get “confused”. It doesn’t work that way at all. I see way too much talk about upnp and port forwarding on this forum from people who don’t know actually know anything about network protocols or how they work, and there is so much WRONG information scattered on this forum. It doesn’t help that the dev docs aren’t clear on this either, but I’m assuming that is intentional on their behalf knowing that the majority of people won’t have a clue if they actually describe the actual communication protocols and network sequences in detail at the socket/port level.

so addressing the question, if upnp is disabled on all the nodes, there is absolutely ZERO difference in winning chance between 10 pcs with 60TB each or 1 pc with 600TB each. your overall space is 600TB and thats the only thing that matters. each full node will have its own connections to other nodes in the network. all out outbound connections. no port forwarding and no upnp involved. i’ve been running this way since launch and have no issues whatsoever, and finding blocks across all my nodes within the statistical variance for the number of plots on each node. In other words, to answer the op’s question, it works fine. just disable unpnp in all the config files and you’re good to go. don’t even worry about port forwarding, you don’t need it. your nodes will find and sync up to peers eventually.


Could you explain in more detail what needs to be done. I have 3 computers connected to the router, each running a full node, a graphical interface, I did not do a local network. I opened port 8444 on the router. Synchronization on all computers is normal. Where do I need to disable unpnp, on computers or on a router?
Thank you.

Yeah please explain :slight_smile: i want to know too

I have 3 PC synced and working as Full Nodes, plotting and farming at the same time. Port 8444 is open and forwarded to all 3 machines. Upnp is disabled on 2 Full nodes, and only the main node with most of the plots have enabled upnp. From my perspective, Im checking the challenges in Farming Gui tab on all 3 nodes, and they receives challenges regularly. The interval is not always 10 second ( varies between 6-14s). I have won chia this way with 76 plots, but that was 15 days ago. Now I have almost 400 plots but no more chia win. The number of connected nodes is bigger on the main Node, with upnp enabled, but not by much. The connected nodes number varies from several to 20-30 with out any regularity or obvious reason. Im regularly checking the debug.log and the response time for finding proofs is almost always less than 1 second, and never longer than 10 seconds (i know the reason for this, on one farmer). Sometimes I even get 5 plots eligible for farming but no proofs, unfortunately. So I could not find any issue with this setup, except that there are no proofs.
I was little bit worried with “You can only have one node running per external IP.” statement from :

As I could not find any explicable reason why…could someone explain this?
I could change the network setup, and run one main full node with 2 harvesters, but I`m not sure if i cold use these harvester for plotting in the same time.
Its not a big deal to change the setup if I could plot on the harvesters, i just don’t want to stop all operatinos for this.
Any suggestions or experience will be helpful…

Good point, totally forgot about disabling uPnP. Thanks for clearing it up.

Please see step 4: Windows Tips and Tricks · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

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That guy in then video is incorrect and doesn’t understand the technicals. There are no restrictions on the number of nodes you can have per ip.

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Also you can’t port forward a single port to all 3 nodes. You can only port forward to one node. The other two nodes will be outbound connections only and no inbound connections.


It seems that all 8444 ports an all nodes are accepting inbound connection. I forwarded 8444 port from “any” to all 3 nodes IP addresses , with 3 separate rules on the router. All 3 Nodes report port 844 open from online port checkers like:

Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router.

I even bothered to check wit several utilities to be sure. My setup is little bit irregular as i have 2 routers, and only the first one receives public IP. Im forwarding port 8444 to the second router WAN interface IP. Than the second router is forwarding 8444 port to 3 nodes private addresses …192.168…
To be honest Im, not new to networks and understand the situation very well. Because of this, I was little bit confused with this recommendation… “You can only have one node running per external IP.”.
Any how, it maybe weird, but with this setup and more than 500 plots now, i still didn’t win any chia.