Multiply farming on PC

Hi, I have few questions :slight_smile:

  1. How to farm on multiply pc.
    Actually I have a:

-1st Plotter (only for plotting)
-2nd Plotter (only for plotting

-1st farmer
-2nd farmer

  • In futere more farmers

Every thing for now is in the same network, attached via LAN.

Official tutorial to multiply harvester is… I don’t understand this exactly.
So disable UPnP in config in all pc’s, copy this CA folder to:
2nd Plotter
1st Farmer
2nd Farmer

1st Farmer will be the full node yes?
Any tips?

I want use Chia Core, anyone tryed farm with Core on multiply farmers?

If you have the machines on the same network then you want to have 1 farmer.

  • You can have one or more plotters that create plots (plotters do not require a privateKey or Internet). You can but don’t need to copy the CA folder to them and generate keys. You only need to put the correct farmer & pool addresses in the config file.

  • You can then have one or more harvesters. They need a certificate signed by the farmer; CA folder copied and then keys generated… They also need access to the plots.

  • You should have 1 farmer that has a GUI, wallet, config file, full node with blockchain data and the above machines can connect to it. The farmer has the keys and CA folder.
    The farmer machine can have a plotter / harvester role local as well.

The farmer is the gateway to the outside world and will do proofs etc.

Okay, thanks for the reply.

So I do not understand something.

What I done already:

  • 1st Plotter - Swar manager - Chia off, only plotting
  • 2st Plotter - Swar Manager - Chia off, only plotting
    (I don’t have problem with config those pc’s)

What is the problem:

  • 1st Farmer:
    -This PC can be MAIN farmer
    -Install CHIA (Will be: Full Node, wallet)
    -Disable upnp?
    -4-6 HDD connected

  • 2st Farmer:
    -This PC can be second farmer
    -Install CHIA (only farming/harvsting)
    -Copy CA folder, from MAIN farmer to 2st Farmer
    -Disable upnp?
    -4-6 HDD connected (These are different drives, so on each pc will be different plots)

Copying CA folder make this second farmer to not run full node?

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The network topology is not designed to have 2 farmers.
in your description you call out 2 “farmer” machines, but one is the Main machine (farmer) that can also be a local harvester and plotter – and the other is only a harvester

                                        _____  Harvester 1 (certificate A)
other network peers  --------   Main machine (CA) 

in order for the Harvester 1 to connect to the Main Machine (farmer) it needs a certificate A that is signed with the Main machine CA.

This is done via:

  1. Run chia init -c [directory] on your harvester, where [directory] is the copy of your main machine /ca directory that you put in a temp folder. This command creates a new certificate signed by your main machine’s CA.
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on the harvester, you don’t run the GUI.
you run the harvester only via CLI:

  1. Launch the harvester by running CLI chia start harvester -r and you should see a new connection on your main machine in your INFO level logs.
  2. To stop the harvester, you run CLI chia stop harvester

Copying CA over to other machines will not work.

You have to do this in your harvester machine (using terminal if you’re on linux/mac):

chia init -c c:/CAFolder … it can be the USB Drive where you copied the CA.

This is the CA of your Main Farmer (1st farmer)… you don’t need other farmers just select one machine as your main farmer. All the rest just make them harvester.

Of course if you’re on Windows (using command prompt or powershell):
chia.exe init -c c:/CAFolder

In harvester machine you don’t need to run all services (node, farmer, harvester, wallet)… just run the harvester service:

chia start harvester -r

Before running though, edit the config.yaml of each harvester machine. Edit the following:

host: Your Main Farmer IP address ( or whatever is your LAN setup)
port: 8447

enable_upnp: false (set this to false)

thanks anyone for reply.
I found this tutorial, Farming Chia on Many Machines | How To Farm Chia On Multiple Computers - YouTube
This way is good yes?

And second question, anyone run 2x Chia Core?

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Yes, looks good :+1:

thanks, tomorrow I will be thinking about runing 2x chia core on farmer and harvester or sharing folder with plots.
It should be shared via normally windows share?