My 980 pro seems slower than usual

I have some 1Tb 980 pros on PCIe 4.0 mounts on a x570 motherboard (Gigabyte aorus pro). Using Ubuntu 20.04. When I try to benchmark them, I get max speeds of 2.6 GB/s for writes. As tmp drives they are always empty when I am not running any plotting.

This is how I benchmark them:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/mount_path_of_the_drive/tmpfile oflag=direct bs=1M count=10000 status=progress

Can anyone here with a similar setup (980 pro on linux) run the same and tell me if they ever reach the 5 GB/s? This writes 10GB to your drive so do not run it too many times. You can change the count=10000 to count=1000 for testing only with 1GB of writing

If you have another SSD please feel free to run the same and let us know how fast it gets. Especially interested in the Sabrent Rocket, Corsair MP600 and WD SN850