My best way to plotting?

I would like to know, according to you, which is the best way to fill my external disc with plots as quickly of course?
My PC:

-32go ram
-C: NVME 970 evo 1tb ( 600go free)
-1 nvme Crucial P2 CT500P2SSD8 SSD Interne 500Go, 2400 Mo/s
-1 ssd 447go
-1 hdd (380go free)
-1 ssd 568go ( 3 small ssd coupled in dynamic)
-3 external hdd 7.27To (to receive the plots)
-1 external hdd 12.7To (to receive the plots)
-adsl internet 23M up / 1M down

Currently I do 1 plot per disc and all simultaneously, so 8 parallel plots but only one at the same time per disc. is it more interesting to do otherwise?

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Please read this to get a better idea: How Many Plots Can I Make a Day? – The Chia Farmer

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