My Chia Receiving Address has changed

Hi today i saw that i have a new receiving address, how could it be possible?

do i have now 2 receiving address or does the old one not work anymore?

Did you join hpool, or any pool?
Or create a second key pair?
Or change your receiving address?

It is important to understand if the receiving address is owned by you, or someone else.

un-official pools do ehm unconventional things, like changing the receiving address… that could be the source of the change.

You could also have changed it yourself, useful if you want to farm into a cold wallet.

If neither is the case then malware on your PC could have changed it…

You have a wallet, access via the mnemonic phrase also known as the private key.

This wallet can have multiple addresses, and changing the receiving address away from an address tied to your wallet does not invalidate it… coins send to that address are accessible via the wallet.

First of all i am Using Raspi4b 8GB for farmin my 2100 plots
I am not using anny Pools, i am farming Solo for my own. i won allready xch witch were sucessfull transfered to my cold wallet.

Today all what i did is to try to use another applicaton of chia.

i used for weeks the console version of chia from official site:
git clone -b latest --recurse-submodules
witch one i start with:
cd chia-blockchain
. ./activate
cd chia-blockchain-gui
npm run electron &

today i had a bad response time so i tryed the install file from official site:
There is also an experimental GUI installer for ARM64 Ubuntu and Debian/Raspberry Pi OS 64. Binary CLI tools can be found in /usr/lib/chia-blockchain/resources/app.asar.unpacked/daemon/

all i did is just to start it and nothing else, i wasn’t be asked for my 24 words.
but after that i was like to watch on my wallet and saw a new Receive Address.
I checked for my “Manage Farming Reward” Config and there is still my Cold wallet.

the receiving address is simply a line in the config file… if you are very sure you didn’t use un-official pools or create a new address yourself then you may have malware in your PC that changed the config and a disk format and start over is recommended… Write down your mnemonic phrase… your XCH are on the blockchain and the phrase give you control over them… you can just re-enter them after you reinstalled everything.

is it possible that the address has automatic changed by updating my chia client?

thats my old receiving address:
I should have 0,000000010223 XCH

and thats the new one:
It should have 0,0000000018 XCH

but on my wallet i have
0,00000001402 XCH

i tryed to send me some faucet to the new Address and the old address i received both.

You would see 2 wallets to choose from at first screen of GUI start up.
If by some weird event the update created a new wallet (and address) in stead of detecting the existing one

i can select only one wallet. Thats the only one i use for farming with my 24 Words

Did you make a nft change? From pool to solo or so? I had the same situation.My receving address was changed. I restarted pc, deleted the wallet db file, then my original receving address came back???