My first farmed block on a Rpi node

:grin: Yeah today greats news for me :star_struck:

My first block farmed using a raspberry pi 4 8gb ram node with 53Tib size plots.

I had dude that a raspberry can farm a block but yes, It can! :partying_face:

Now I’m in XCH pool and they send to me 0,25XCH. :smirk:

Good luck for all of you guys…


Congratulations :+1:

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You may want to look into getting another RPi 3/4 that would be your harvester and leave just node/farmer/wallet on your current RPi4.

The node is the most demanding part of the code, and when that will get overwhelmed, all other components will be kind of screwed. That also means, that if you don’t need your wallet synced (i.e., you are using a cold wallet), it would be better to not run your wallet at all, as that is another db that potentially interferes with the main node disk r/w access (what may be a problem when node is being overwhelmed).


The RPi4 is powerful enough to do all these functions at the same time. I even plot with the same RPi on top of farming, node, wallet, and harvester, and it works great.

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I guess, we have already gone through that discussion few months back. At least on my side, I have nothing to add.

I am just pointing out that your recommendation of multiple RPis in the context of MarioD’s setup makes little sense.

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We have already established that you are pushing BS. Are you again in the trolling mood after few months being quiet?

I am not pushing anything. The RPi4 is plenty strong enough to do all the things you recommend several RPis for. I guess you have never used an RPi.

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