My ISP interrupts my network connection, Chia sync is lost and does not return


i start a ticket because i am so frustrated with chia on Windows. The problem is simple, my Internet connection sometimes broke by my provider for 30 seconds and after the the sync is lost and dont come back.

the last days the connection broke at 4 AM and i waked up at 10 so i missed a lot farming time.

Second problem is, that i doesent know how i get back the sync. I read a lot articels about that i sync the watch on Windows add indroducers and a chia node to my peer list but it is luck to get the sync back. Sometimes have to reboot my PC several times, restart the router, this couldnt be the solution in 2021.

8444 is open and other peers are conected but it still not syncing or sometimes it starts sync and stuck broke up and stop syncing again but there are many peers conected, dont understand this

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Click on the Keys tab in the left side of chia app and login back to your account (first option). It will re-sync usually.

If that dint work, use this command to restart the node without affecting your plotting processes.

chia start node -r

Have you double checked if port 8444 really is open, using a tool like Many providers don’t issue IP(v4)s anymore, if that’s the case opening the port on your router unfortunately won’t help.

Are you plotting on the same machine? Make sure you’re not plotting on the same drive as chia stores the chain data and settings. I also noticed my connection to the network got unstable when I ran to many concurring plotting threads.

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Doesent work for me, i have to restart tge Pc, i have done anything it doesnt come back also i cant add peers at this state, i think this is because IP changed

All open, this is beacuse ip change after… I think at this time i cant find a solution because the software cant handle this, i tried all nothing work for me, no restart, no new login, reload dont work because its stuck over hours… Cant add peers after the intrrupt but the net is still up, have to wait for an update, miss farming if i am not at home actual i have to monitor it 24/7. I am plotting on the same machine, i have just one pc

Version 1.1.6 seems a lot better, I’d try that if you aren’t already.

Sorry I don’t know Windows, but this helped me on 1.1.5 :

# Remove all peers
for node_id in $(chia show -c | grep FULL_NODE \
| awk '{print $4} ' | grep -o '^.\{8\}' ) ; do
  chia show --remove-connection "$node_id"

# Add known-good peers
for ip in $(host -t a|awk '{print $4}') ; do
  chia show --add-connection ${ip}:8444
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I think you are right about suspecting the IP change. I’m on a fixed external IP and I restart my router every night for stability (I learned from experience). This interrupts all traffic for a few minutes during the router reboot, but it has no effect on the Chia processes.

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