My K35 plot (15 characters)

I got an itch to create a K35 plot.
The only executable (that I am aware of) that will create a K35 plot is the standard Chia “chia.exe” executable.

My first attempt failed.
The temp space needs to be just north of 2 TB.

I have two 2 TB Samsung 980 Pro NVMe drives. I crossed my fingers that I could direct the “-t” option to drive #1, and direct the “-2” option to drive #2.

Well, at the tail end of phase 2, drive #1 ran out of space.
Drive #2’s space remained fully available. I never saw it drop below its full capacity. All that got written to that drive was one 0 byte tmp file.

So I took a shot at Windows “Storage Spaces”, figuring I could stripe the drives together (RAID 0 – or I would settle for JBOD).

No matter what I tried, I was getting permission denied messages and other messages, even though I ran the utility with admin rights. I changed the drives from MBR to GPT to Dynamic. Windows refused. I never got it to create the “pool”.

While in Disk Management (where I was changing from MBR to GPT to Dynamic), I discovered that that utility allows you to stripe drives. That worked, giving me a 4 TB temp drive in RAID 0.

I believe that my motherboard supports hardware RAID. But I did not want to re-boot my system.

The job ran for 32 hours, 16 minutes.
The file size is: 949,144,002,815 bytes.

Throughout the process, my CPU was bored. The highest I saw it reach was 16%.
The two temp drives were also bored. I never saw them read or write more than 60 MB/s (or something like that). Keep in mind that they each took half of the load, so that translates to 120 MB/s if it were a single drive.

There is no way I will pursue more K35 plots, unless a new version of madmax becomes available that can process K35 plots.

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