My new computer crashes every time I plot

I bought a brand new computer just for plotting and farming, I manages to plot at the beginning, but after two days, it just switches off by itself every time I plot. When I’m not plotting, it remains switched on. I checked the temperature of the cpu and hard drives, it seems fine, and it happens under Windows and Linux…
I tried with different hard drives too and always the same problem. Does anybody have an idea of what could go wrong ? I sent a mail to the technical assistance of the computer too, but I’m not sure if it is Chia or the computer the problem.
Thanks !

Not sure what’s causing your problem, but here are a few ideas.

Does the computer shut off when you try other demanding tasks, such as video encoding or gaming?

Does the PC shut off if you try to plot with the computer case open (panels removed for better heat dissipation)?

Check power cables, especially to the motherboard. Many motherboards require multiple power connections now.

Where exactly is the sensor for your CPU temperature? Sometimes the reported temps are not very accurate.

Is the CPU cooler securely attached? Sometimes they can loosen during shipping. Although, your PC would probably shut down almost instantly if this were true.

Are you overclocking any component? If so, try setting it to default values.

Is your VRM chipset adequately cooled? Do you have a way to measure the temps here? Can you add a fan here?

Do you have another power supply (equivalent or larger) that you could try?

Welcome! To ur problem PC… What brand/model PC are we talking? Custom? Retail? Who built it? Chia won’t shut your PC down, unless some component gets really hot because of the load, and even then unlikely. Regardless, it’s not Chia’s fault, even if that’s the cause. Some PCs are light duty, others not. Chia is not a light duty program. However, how did you determine nothing was too hot? Moving on… How does it have both Windows and Linus that you are testing. Did you reload/add/modify any part or setting or reload the OS to do this testing? Anything hardware-wise that was not as you received it? With so little information offered, there are too many possibilities.

Hi, thanks for your answer !
No, I don’t do anything else on the computer, just plotting.
Yes, I always let the panels open
I don’t know about the motherboard, but since the PC was built and checked, I doubt they forgot to plug one connection.
I have no idea where can be the sensor, how can I see this ?
Yes the Cpu fans are well attached, there are 6 in total, that’s why I doubt it is a heat problem too.
No, I didn’t overclock anything.
I’m not sure where are the vrm chipset exactly, but the motherboard seems generally cooled correctly (one fan for the processor and 2 above, and 3 on the sides)
No, I don’t have any other power supply.

Hi, Thanks for your answer.
I bought this computer at PC Specialists, I chose the components myself and they built it.
The motherboard is Gigabyte Z590 UD AC, the processor i7-11700 (2,5 GHz) 16 Mo cache, and 32 Gb RAM, not sure the rest is relevant.
I think too that it’s not Chia fault, I wouldn’t be the first one, I just wonder why this can happen. I’m talking to the clients’ service and they asked me for my logs. I’m just afraid that since they won’t know, they will say that it’s because of Chia.
I determined nothing was too hot because the temperatures displayed by the software were lower than 100° (80 I think) when it shut down and the hard drives, I think 50. But I will check again, maybe record the exact moment where it switches off…But as it can be in a period of 4 hours I need patience !
The Cpu came without OS, I had first Linux and since there was this problem I thought maybe with Windows it wouldn’t happen so I installed it too.
No I tried with the minimum of hardware plugged, just one hard drive, even no screen nor mouse nor keyboard, and it still did. Did it too without this hard drive…

Maybe I should try to do something similar but more common than farming to see if it happens too, anybody can suggest me something ?

Are the rest of your components (especially the RAM) supported on your motherboard?

I checked again, all my cores, cpu are around 70°C or below, which I think is fine. Just my SSD is at 82°C, I don’t know if it can come of this… but no, now I think about it, I plotted once on an external drive to check and it did it too.

Load up “CPUid HWMonitor” (a free program) and see what your temperatures really are. Pay special attention to your CPU temps. A wild guess, the CPU cooler was not installed well, maybe off kilter, maybe not enough grease, something like that. Also Yae had an excellent point, esp as you chose the components. Check the motherboard compatibility lists on their website for memory, especially, and make sure it is on the list. If not on the list, stability issues can arise, just like you have.

So there are tow good places to start the troubleshooting. Good luck!

M2 is in the list. Corsair 3000Mhz, 16 Gb x2 are in the list too

thanks ! I already downloaded this software, I’ll check it carefully !

When you say “on the list” you mean the EXACT part number, not just a brand or 16GBs or Corsair? Sorry, but need to check these small details.

You’re right I just checked the brand and type. Ok, I will check more carefully

You seem to be right, my RAM is CM4X16GC3000C15K4 DDR4 16GB, 3000MHz 15-17-17-35 ver 3.31, and this exact model is not listed there. Could it be because of this so ? I should try with a more adequate RAM so (one listed) ?

Watch a few video’s on Gamers Nexus about pre-build systems and you’ll soon change your mind on this.
But, the good part about a pre-build is that you can contact the builder and say “it doesn’t work right, fix it (please)”.
Because like someone here said. Chia does not crash computers, computers with problems crash when running Chia.

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This is why I suggested video encoding or gaming.

You probably won’t be able to see it, but sometimes reviews will mention it.

Ok, I will do this. Thank you all for your help !

Yes, it could be because of this. However, one would (hope?) guess your system builder would have caught this, but then again…

Full stop, a normal PC just runs and works. No normal, commercial program, nothing you can normally do will cause it to crash. If it does, it’s not right. End of story.

You will have only 1 or maybe 2 CPU fans, attached to a large heat sink mounted directly on the CPU (unless your system is water cooled). This is what can be dislodged during shipping. The others are case fans. It’s good that you have 6. Might want to check that the fan orientation is correct (blowing air into the case from the front +/- bottom and out the top and back). There should be an arrow on each fan that shows the airflow direction.

Did you load up the case with drives and GPUs?