My Setup's and opinion on best way to go forward with parts/plots

Actually I’m a bit lost on your setup :sweat_smile: Lots of moving parts it seems.

If you want to plot right now using Bladebit alpha, you need:

  • 256GB RAM
  • Nvidia GPU with 8GB of vram (10 series or newer)
  • any CPU
  • An decent nvme to offload the plots to.

If you wait until release or upcoming alpha/beta build:

  • 128GB + ssd will be supported for GPU plotting (this is top of the 2do list afaik)
  • (not entirely sure) <8GB vram GPU will be supported
  • The regular Bladebit diskplot will also support making compressed plots, so you can make plots with CPU + ssd like before. But again then you have to wait for that to come out / be fixed.

You can farm right now c4 or c5 plots with an i3, no problem. I would not recommend farming with GPU unless you plan to expand a lot. It’s just not cost or power effective for smaller farms imo.


@Voodoo So then that is probably why I just gave up on even trying because I don’t have 128GB/256GB of ram laying around. And yeah I have a lot of parts availible to me besides server hardware. So I’ll probably just wait for that release and then determine if getting 128GB of DDR4 is worth the cost at the time.

@Bones Thank you! Now I remember reading about that, well max might win again down the road since 64GB is a lot cheaper to get then 128GB on non server hardware.

@aurelius Thank you for the clarification and the notes to read up on.

To all you guys, I really appreciate the help, guidance and suggestions, thank you very much!


Gigahorse CPU plotter works even with 8G RAM :wink:

So if I start plotting with GH, can I just run flex farmer to mine the plots on windows 10 and it will work? Although my current plotter system has a 7900xtx, so would that be an issue?

flexfarmer doesn’t support GH on windows yet, also newer AMD cards don’t work, only Vega and older


I would recommend you check out

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Yeah I did, I know this is pretty much a fruitless endevor but w/e I have so many computers around me and with GPU mining being worthless now. At least hard drives are cheap and I can still mine something cause I like to.

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@aurelius @madMAx43v3r @Voodoo @Bones

Just wanted to give you guys an update because I thought it was pretty sweet. I sold the 11th gen i7 and got a R9 7900x 32GB DDR5 and now with 24 threads and splitting the load between my pci4 NVME drives, I’m getting 24~ min plots in windows GUI with mad max plotter.

Phase 4 took 72.1239 sec, final plot size is 108835958966 bytes
Total plot creation time was 1430.28 sec (23.8379 min)

That’s stellar compared to the i7 that was running around 50 min plots.

Also the 10th gen i3 did drop about 20w from the miner in the office overall (from the wall), which is cool as well :slight_smile:

I know Ramdisk is faster and GPU is even faster but until I can use my 7900xtx to plot then that is probably the best I am going to get.

What is the smallest Ramdisk I can use to CPU/Ram plot now? is it still 256GB for normal plots in windows GUI?


110G ramdisk is the smallest for CPU plotter.


can I use that in normal windows with your plotter in the GUI, cause I might do that to prevent killing my NVME drives honestly

the GUI dont support compressed plotting

The other day i thought you wrote the cpu plotter only needed 8gb

What were you referring to then?

Those are two different things.
I am plotting with 16GB of RAM and not using a ramdisk
On ubuntu the cpu plotter only uses less than 4GB, at least, it appears to not need 8

“RAM usage depends on threads and buckets. With the new default of 256 buckets it’s about 0.5 GB per thread at most.”

Bones maybe he meant the 8gb for the videocard?

Ah, re reading, the ram disk is optional.

Whats confused me is, originally it was 128gb ram needed for ram plotting.
Then 64 gb was announced as done.

So i was referencing tgat 64gb when max corrected to 8.

I dont get that ramdisk is faster than full standard ram.

So what hapened to the 64gb all ram plotter then, or is that gpu? Because im pretty sure it was cpu only, so im lost.

I seems you managed to confuse everything lol.

CPU plotter supports: no ramdisk mode or 110G partial ramdisk mode or 250G full ramdisk mode. In addition it always needs some RAM for buffers, which is around 2-4 GB RAM.

GPU plotter supports full RAM mode with ~200G RAM, or half RAM mode with 128G RAM or 1/4 RAM mode with 64G RAM.

All of this applies to K32 only.


Thanks for clarification.

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