My XCH was missing from my wallet

Yesterday, my XCH was missing from my wallet, but I couldn’t find any transfer history, what happened?

If your blockchain and wallet are synced and it is still missing without a transaction visible, this can have happened:

Someone with access to your mnemonics installed a Chia Light Wallet Beta or a Chgia v1.3 Beta client, entered your mnemonics and transferred your XCH to another wallet.
Because the v1.2.11 wallet is not compatible to the v1.3 wallet (also the light wallet beta) you can not see that transaction in your client.

You can check by entering your wallet address in a block explorer such as where that transaction should be visible.

I tried this myself when figuring out a similar situation.

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I’m in entered my wallet address and couldn’t see any transfer out records. It’s very strange. I’m so sad

A chia wallet is like a real wallet with many many compartments. A blockchain explorer can only look at one compartment (address) at the same time. So you have to know exactly the address(es) your XCH were received on. The Wallet function of your Chia client oversees all compartments.
You can be sure of one thing, the XCH are still in one of your wallets compartments OR a transaction from your wallet is logged on the blockchain. Otherwise you’ve just proven the entire fundament of blockchain technology and crypto has gone up in smoke…:wink:

Very soon Chia will introduce v1.3 of the client but the current v1.2.x wallet clients are a bit crippled.
Meaning a stand alone light wallet (beta) was introduced -an some days ago a complete v1.3 beta- that creates addresses (wallet compartments) that can not be seen by the 1.2.x wallet client.

To investigate one step further you can install this v1.3 beta, but on another machine if you have one (like a second computer or laptop) to oversee all wallet compartments. Then you’ll find your XCH or a transaction. I hope the first of course.
v1.3 Beta download:
If you use it in Wallet-mode (option at startup) it will sync the wallet very quick, minutes instead of hours/days.
Good luck.

I installed v1 3 beta, I found the historical transfer out record of my wallet, which is my lost XCH. My XCH was transferred to a wallet address, but in V1 2 can’t see this address. I still don’t know who this address is. You mean this address could be mine? If it’s my wallet address, why XCH isn’t it in my wallet.

Sorry to tell you but when the xch are no longer there in v1.3 wallet they were transferred to someone else’s wallet (stolen i guess…).
Did you install the v1.3 on another machine?
In order to do this to you someone must have access to your 24 word mnemonics!
Either someone has physical access to your machine, remote access by some form of malware on your machine or has retrieved a file/piece of paper that you noted the mnemonics on.

You can’t really trust the machine your chia was installed on if you are not sure how the mnemonics got stolen. Consider reinstalling the OS and chia client.
Can you share the wallet address your xch were transferred to? I would like to check this is the same another person fell victim to some time ago.

Hope you didn’t loose to much, but I feel sorry for your bad luck :roll_eyes:

I’m pretty sure this wallet address transferred my 6.21xch, xch1cscfx7extc7xa05yd2yc3jyhwqyqsh3tfw09my8rkmajnsnncd8s4syahw
Maybe my mnemonic word leaked in hpool or chiayy mine pool, and I’m not sure.
But I only filled in mnemonics in these two pools.
If my mnemonic words are really leaked, can I reinstall the OS to effectively avoid being stolen again?
Is there any other way to avoid being stolen again?

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