Need a little help with Gigahorse GPU Plotter

Tried creating my first GPU compressed plot today and failed! I have a Tesla P4 (8gb VRAM),512gb system RAM and Win 10 OS. Everytime I get to P1 Table 4 (approx 254gb system RAM used) it fails. I’ve tried using “-M 256” option and it makes no difference. I’m pretty sure it’s memory related. Does anyone have any ideas please apart from going to Linux?

Maybe setting -M to 128 will help, other than that, you can also ask in Max’s discord channel for advise

Thanks Voodoo. I think I’ve literally just this second got it working. A guy from MM Discord said that it’s probably NUMA related and recommended I set -M to 64 although I think this could also have been 128 which allowed the 2nd CPU to use the full 256gb RAM and allowed me to omit -2. Thanks for your promt reply and advice.

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