Need help for setuping farming chia gpu plots

Hi, I just started creating plots wtih gpu (gigahorse) and now i want to try it, but i watching some clips on yt and i don’t get it too much. I need your help with all (program for farming and pool) how to setup, did i use same program like for basic plots or not. Did i need to change pool for this "new’ plots.

Hi , use same wallet and original chia app + run gigahorse farmer. Its easy

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You have to run the GH farmer first, then you can open the Chia GUI if you want to, you need to be running matched version’s.

Its ok matched, click ok and farming.

Just remember if you close the GUI it will also close GH.

Can you link me Gigahorse farmer to downlad. I have chia gui (1.8.2).

One Google search later.

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