Need Help Harvester 0 plots not update in debug.log

harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO 0 plots were eligible for farming 83935edd0c… Found 0 proofs. Time: 0.00000 s. Total x plots

always get 0 plots and many times get 0.00000 time
please help , whats am i doing wrong ?
I am using windows 10 Gui and it also dont show up always 0 Plots Passed Filter ,
and i am on 1 machine plots and farming

Have you added your plots directory by using “Add Plot Directory” option in the GUI?

You have to give more details, some screenshots maybe for people to help you. I don’t think there’s much to go on in the question currently.

in Gui its automated farming when plots its completed on plot tab and in farm tab its all showing farming and all challenge is listed but 0 plots pass the filter

Hi Skybills. Plots only have a 1 in 512 chance of passing the filter. It looks like you might have only 2 plots? The more plots you have the more chances one will pass the filter.

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But i never see 1 pass the filter all time , and the time always get 0.0000 , thats why i seek for your help

Also, please paste in text and format it as code, screenshots can’t be indexed by Google and aren’t searchable.