Need help/info for replotting

Hey everyone. So i have plotted my small farm back in 2021 mostly using the original plotter and some more on the very first versions of madmax. Been using hpool since then, and did not check around here for a very long time. now i want to replot all the farm using pool plots instead, as the the plots ii have are ogs.

Been reading through recent posts here, but everything changed so much that it’s pretty confusing. I had no idea we could plot with RAM, GPU, CPU etc. I see posts about compressed plots :exploding_head:

So what is the best way to plot these days? Are there any up to date guides around?


There is enough basic information at this address:


thank you, will have a look. is a good ressource indeed

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It’s hard to tell from GitHub - Chia-Network/bladebit at cuda-compression, but if you have 128GB of RAM (and therefore cannot use ramplot), can you create a ramdisk and use that to offload some of the SSD writes?

EDIT: Seems like not yet – I guess you either need 256GB of RAM for Bladebit CUDA or have to go the Gigahorse route if you want compression. I suppose without compression I’d just use my (high core count) CPU and still get OK plot times with MadMax + 110GB ramdisk.

There is a lot of info, but no recent guides to be honest.

My farm is rather small, and i dont really have any more funds to throw into this set up.
I only have have 64 gb rams on my system, so I guess ram plotting is not really an option.
I did ran into quite a lot of issues on this windows 11 machine, and crashed it a few times already.
Madmax plotters definitely do not work on this machine for some reason and I could not figure out why.
I tried from the Chia GUI madmax option or from powershell and the madMAx43v3r_chia-plotter_win_v0.1.6-chives but after trying out a lot of different settings and many bios settings changes, it wont work for me. Either PC crashes or plotting freezes.
I am not even going into GPU plotting because I did not even understand the concept. Are we plotting and farming from from the GPU? does that not use too much power?
The only option that works for me at the moment is the bladebit from the original Chia gui. I did follow this guide, and I can plot in the background and work at the same time on my pc, and a plot takes less than an hour, which is okay for me, will take a few weeks to plot, but I’m okay with that.
All the recent guides and videos around seem to target pretty big farms, and amazing setups but the average joe will not have any of the setups mentioned on these guides.
I noticed many websites are down and did not survive the bear market…
So that’s my experience of replotting my farm after 2+ years


I would advise you to join the official Discord channel. This forum is not very active at the moment because it’s unmoderated and contributing members are being trolled. There are plenty of ressources shared on the Discord tho.

ah okay did not know that. thanks.

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