Need help shortening time of plot

Need help shortening the 42 minute plot time
Processor: 5950x oc to 4.5 mhz
128gb-3600 mhz memory
Motherboard: x570 asus tuf plus
nvme 1 t 980 pro samsung
windows 10

Anyone have any ideas what can be helped,

What’s the command you are running?

Why are you not using RAMDisk?

How many cores? 16? If so -r is fine.

Why -k and -K? I use -u 256 and -v 128.

-k defaults to 32 so not needed.

I try with -u and -v
The same results

I will try now ramdisk

Ramdisk the same numbers

That parameter string is off. Try something like this >

.\chia_plot.exe -n 1 -r 15 -u 256 -v 256 -t D:\ -K 2 -d H:\ …


*-G is wrong syntax, besides you have no -2 2nd drive to swap, so eliminate -G D:\plotter*

  • You can generally leave one core for system use, so -r 15, not -r 16
  • prefer 256 for both -u and -v
  • if you use -K at all, only ‘2’ not ‘8’
  • is D:\ your SSD?, you indicate only one SSD, looks as if C:\ is SSD and D:\ a hard drive??
    However, -t needs to be SSD for decent plotting time.
  • check your memory is actually running at 3600, not less (use CPUZ)
  • Forget RAM disk for now, get setup correct without it, just adds more complication
  • You’ll get better times with two ssds, one -t, one -2

Questions? Good luck try these things :slight_smile:

Use ImDisk for mounting 107GB RAM disk as follows:

Use the following parameters for plotting:

-n -1 -r 16 -u 256 -v 512 -t T:\ -2 U:\ -d J:\ -c $CONTRACT -f $FARMER_KEY 2>&1

16 threads (because your CPU has 16 cores)
256 buckets for phase 1
512 buckets for phase 2
T: assuming this is your SSD, will be used for 25% writes
U: assuming this is your RAM disk, will be used for 75% writes
J: assuming this is your HDD, for target location of the plots

On Windows it should give you about 30 minutes per plot.

Try that and let me know. I can also show how to setup Linux virtual machine to get about +15% speed, getting you into ~23 minutes per plot.


5950X has 16c/32 threads, I think a higher value on -r would speed things up.