Need help understanding my Chia Wallet(s)

Hi, I need some help understanding my Chia Wallet(s). I’ve done some searching but not really getting me anywhere and hoping you all can help me.

I am using Windows GUI and Chia 1.6.1. I have 6 pools, three are pooling with 3 different pools and 3 are self pooling. I also have some OG plots.

To give you some background for my coming questions… the following screenshot is what I am shown as being my wallet. As you see it is Wallet 1, and from my understanding the very first wallet would have been Wallet 0. (correct me if I’m wrong). I believe that I am now on Wallet 1 because when we went through the database upgrade from v1 to v2, a new wallet was created automatically (again, please correct me if I’m wrong). To the best of my knowledge, I have never knowingly created a new or second wallet myself.

Second bit of background: here is a screenshot from my farm that shows the Farming Rewards Target Addresses. Note they do not match any of the addresses from Wallet 1.

Final bit of background. When I run Farmr I am getting this warning message. This address is the same address as that given in the Farming Rewards Target Address.

**WARNING: Pool rewards address xch1m70nnh7xztwwct7xf9cf9zdhatmugmzku2ylp57np202er3yh5tsuh7c53 **
does not match any of your hot/cold wallet addresses
Make sure that you have access to the wallet associated to this wallet address.

Q1. Is this setup correct… I am thinking not, but to the best of my knowledge I have never changed any of these addresses or created a new wallet etc. I have always just let Chia do everything. Currently I am thinking I am getting the Farmr warning message because this is no longer a valid Wallet address. I think it might be the address that would have been associated with my first wallet - Wallet 0. I think this should have probably been updated when the database was upgraded to v2 and Wallet 1 was created, if that is how it works. I would have assumed that when doing this upgrade that all of these settings would have been updated automatically but maybe I was supposed to manually update them. Can anyone help me understand all this?

Q2. I am a right in my suspicions about the Farming Rewards address being wrong/old/outdated… should I therefore be changing it? If so, what is the address that I should use there? Where do I find that address?

Q3. If I am right in thinking this is an old Wallet 0 address, does this mean that if there were any rewards since the v2 db upgrade, they have gone to this old address and I didn’t get them? If so how do I find out if there were any rewards and how would I get them back.

Of course maybe everything is as intended and it would be great to know that that is the case but I would love to know in that case why I get the Farmr warning message.

Hope you help, TIA.

Dont worry about images in first screenshot.

To make sure you get all rewards coming to you, make sure both addresses in 2nd pic are yours, they appear to be the same, you can check its yours by looking at your incoming funds and seeing if funds are arriving to that address.

If so, fine, if not change them to an address you own.

Next look at your nft’s you use to mine.

Each one allows you to specify what address funds will go to, with the pool ones this is normally changed on the pool interface, you can sometimes access this by the 3 dots at the top of the nft.

Make sure all those addresses are ones you own or change them to one you do own.

All rewards should then come to your wallet.

To be honest my memory is fuzzy on og plots and if you can change that payout address.

Im fairly sure you can on the nft again.

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i’m sorry but where is it in GUI?

My wallet ids also have been mixed up btw.

Yes, they didn’t make that one easy to find… I think they could improve on where you find that info.

You have to log out and then on the login screen click the 3 dots top right and then click on details as shown here…

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thanks for the reply

I’m going to take it you mean addresses not images?

mmm… I’m sorry to say, you are assuming way more knowledge on my end than I actually have.

I wouldn’t know if an address is an address that I own other than I can see there are addresses associated with the Plot NFT’s

How do you find out if you own an address?

I don’t believe I have any issues with the addresses for the Pot NFT’s. The three pooling ones have their own Payout address which was given by the respective pools and I receive the normal farming payments on all three of those.

The three self pooling Plot NFT’s have their own and respectively different addresses. I’ll need to check but I think I did win a block on one of those addresses so I’m assuming they are all good.

Therefore, I think this answers my Q3… any payouts on those self pooling Plot NFT’s are going to come to my Wallet 1 via their respective payout addresses. Although I think that only applies to the normal payouts and not the 0.25XCH finders payout when you find a block.

That only leaves the OG Plots and I’m thinking that any wins on those will also go to the address that I am confused about, the one that is currently shown as the Farming/Pool Reward Address. This is the address I get a warning about in Farmr, the one I suspect might be an old Wallet 0 address. I’m afraid I do not have the knowledge to know how to find out if this is an address I own and if it was the address for Wallet 0. If anyone can help me on that that would be appreciated.

So currently I am concerned that any 2XCH wins on OG plots and any 0.25XCH finder wins on Plot NFTs are going to this Farming/Pool Award Address which may not be an address I own.

So I’m thinking that the best thing to do here would be to create a new target address for Farming/Pool rewards.

I don’t know how to do this, I will go off and google this now but if anyone wants to jump in please do.

How do I create a new address to use with my current Wallet 1 that I can put in those fields, preferably using the GUI.

I meant the whole image, the screenshot, bad wording, sorry.

I described that here.

So scan your incoming xch token transactions, they are on the token tab on 1.6.0, probably the same on your version.

Or on that tab, you can just click receive, copy that address, and paste that ( cntrl v ) into those 2 boxes.

The .25 from payout of og / nft is paid to one of the addresses ive just explained.

The 1.75 needs to be manually claimed, but i believe you set the payout address on the nft, you can use the same address as the other 2.