Need help with GUI settings

Hey all!

Just made a new rig for plotting:
Ryzen 9 3900x
64gb ram
1x 250gb SSD (for OS only)
2x 2tb SSD
2x 12tb HDD

Had some issues getting all started but after some troubleshooting finally started plotting and farming since yesterday.
Now I find myself struggling to optimize the plotting process as I dont quite understand all the settings in the GUI and how they work.

How should I setup the gui to get the max plots running? I am especially unsure in how many “threads” to use in the GUI setup etc.
Probably 6-7 plots per 2tb SSD. But how much delay? How many threads? How to queue this up in the GUI to get it to work on both SSDs?
Please help. :S

Also is there any way to automate queueing or do you need to manualy add each new queue once an old one is finished?

Any advice is much appreciated.