Need help with plotting speed

Hi guys, I need help with my plotting speed, I think it’s taking too long with my current rig (using windows)

CPU : AMD Ryzen 3600
RAM : 16GB 3200MHz
Temp SSD : Samsung SSD 870 QVO 1TB

Plot setting :
Plot in parallel (3 plots) with 4 threads, and delay 175 mins

This returns about 65k - 70k secs per plot, is it possible to reduce the plotting time?

Thanks guys!

65K is slower than I would expect with just 3 plots even for sata. That drive is sata, right?
That is at least part of the problem, sata is just slow for plotting. Nvme can be much faster if you get a good drive.
What do you get with just one plot running?

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This might be CPU issue?!

My config:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600
RAM: 16GB 3200 MHz
Temp SSD: 1TB NVME Kingstone

Started plotting 14h ago, 3 plots in parallel with 2 threads, delay 30 minutes.

Still plotting:
Plot 1 - 48%
Plot 2 - 35%
Plot 3 - 31%

Will try one plot running with 4 threads.
Any other suggestions?

Yes the drive is SATA, my Nvme slot is already used by 250GB SSD, so sad I can’t replace it, got only 1 Nvme slot. The time taken for 1 plot only is 55k secs, 12 threads. Any suggestion?

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nvme to pcie adaptor to squeeze some good nvme drives in there.