Need help with Powershell command line Plotter log

Hi guys,
I need help with the Plotter log file:

  1. How can I change the command to save the log file in separated files for each plot?
  2. Sometimes new plot just doesn’t start after the 1st plot is done, is something wrong with my command line?

I’m currently plotting with Powershell command like this:

cd ~\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-1.1.3\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon\

Start-Process chia -ArgumentList "start farmer"
Start-Process ./chia.exe -ArgumentList "plots create -k32 -n 30 -b 4000 -t D:/CHIA_TEMP -d O:/FINAL -r 4 -u 128" -redirectstandardoutput "c:\plotlogs\log$((get-date).tostring("")).txt" Start-Sleep 5
Start-Process ./chia.exe -ArgumentList "plots create -k32 -n 30 -b 4000 -t S:/CHIA_TEMP -d N:/FINAL -r 4 -u 128" -redirectstandardoutput "c:\plotlogs\log$((get-date).tostring("")).txt"
Start-Sleep 4800
Start-Process ./chia.exe -ArgumentList "plots create -k32 -n 30 -b 4000 -t S:/CHIA_TEMP -d N:/FINAL -r 4 -u 128" -redirectstandardoutput "c:\plotlogs\log$((get-date).tostring("")).txt"
Start-Sleep 4800
Start-Process ./chia.exe -ArgumentList "plots create -k32 -n 30 -b 4000 -t S:/CHIA_TEMP -d N:/FINAL -r 4 -u 128" -redirectstandardoutput "c:\plotlogs\log$((get-date).tostring("")).txt"

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You need to separate commands with a semicolon in PowerShell.

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Sorry I’m total noob with code So it should look like this?

Start-Process ./chia.exe -ArgumentList "plots create -k32 -n 30 -b 4000 -t S:/CHIA_TEMP -d N:/FINAL -r 4 -u 128"; -redirectstandardoutput "c:\plotlogs\log$((get-date).tostring("")).txt"; Start-Sleep 4800

If I add semicolon like this, it won’t even create plot log

You just needed one semicolon before Start-Sleep!

Putting it on a new line (like you do later) works the same as semicolon.

If you don’t mind a more condensed time stamping, there is a slightly tidier use of get-date:

"c:\plotlogs\log_$(get-date -f filedatetime).txt"

But your solution should save the logs too!

It’s is just a sequence of commands, won’t repeat by itself, however you should be getting 4 plots. 3 without that semicolon/new line.

you know a way, I can get a separated PLotter log file. All I’m getting is just one file with logs from many plots

have you tried (Swar’s Chia Plot Manager) from github ? that library is very nice
i can do separate logs plot, kick in new plots when phase 1,2,3 or 4 has finish your choice.
i can even enable discord notifications when a new plot start and finish.
I’m doing 12 plots in parallel staggered.

I’m using it in windows 10
if you need my config.yaml just let me know.
its noob proofs because i am a noob with programing and coding.

I setup swars plot manager last night. Very impressed.

Would be nice if you all could add links when talking about something so we can easily follow along :wink:

please paste your final code.
I think you still save to a single file with that variable date.

Thanks man. I’ve wanted to try Swar’s Chia Plot Manager but it looks like too much code for me so I’m back to using basic command since I’m not a programmer or anything.
I dont know how to install the and run python script with powershell. I downloaded and installed python but the instruction wasn’t detailed enough for me :frowning:

it looks a little intimidating’s but once you do it, you will see is petty simple to setup.

1# install latest version of python for windows Download Python |
make sure python is installed by opening a cmd and insert


2#now open a new cmd and insert

pip install -r requirements.txt


to all

3# download the zip file Swar-Chia-Plot-Manager at GitHub - swar/Swar-Chia-Plot-Manager: This is a Cross-Platform Plot Manager for Chia Plotting that is simple, easy-to-use, and reliable. and extract to


go to that folder and copy paste the config.yaml.default and rename it to config.yaml in the same directory. open that file with notepad or notepad++ and configure the way you like.


its optional if you are already login with your 24 words on that machine

4#after you edit the config.yaml open a new cmd and type this commands separate in this order

 cd C:\Swar-Chia-Plot-Manager-main

  python start

    python view

now you are plotting unlimited plots staggered

if you get any error you may have wrong edit your config.yaml i can share my if you want, but im still tweaking it for it best performance.

I forgot to mention to reload config while you are plotting and don’'t want to stop and start all over again you can open a new cmd.

cd C:\Swar-Chia-Plot-Manager-main

python restart

this will restart the but not the plotting process this works great for tweaking.

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Thank you so much for helping. I got everything installed now
Can I use staging drive with this Script as I saw temporary2_directory and not sure what it’s for ?

I’m currently using i7 10700k, 32gb ram, 1TB and 500GB NVME SSDs. I got 2 new P4600 Intel SSD coming but waiting for the adapter.

i have not tried that yet because i have my 2x 2tb nvme in raid 0 in windows so i can have a larger drive and better speed.

What is Raid 0, I heard people talked about it a lot but how do I activate it?

I can start Swar Script now, but I can’t config for 2 temp drives. I can only start plots on 1 temp drive, mind sharing your setting?

Can I get help on the Powershell parallel plotting with logging