Need little help with my setting

Hello i have pc with cpu Intel i9-10900kf
Ram 4x16gb 3200mhz
Nvme 2x2tb nvme 3450 read speed 3000 write speed
What will be the best options for now my best is 21 plots per day with 7 parallel now i will try with 2x5 parallel with 1hour delay with 6gb ram and 2T do you think this is the best setting?

Which ones? the advertised write speeds don’t really matter for chia plotting

Patriot Viper VPN100 2TB M.2 2280 PCIE Gen3 x4

Now my pc is with 32gb ram and just one nvme 2tb and i have more 32 gb ram and 2tb nvme and im not sure it is a good idea to put them ir to sell them ?

64GB Ram is more than enough for that system, that ssd seems fine in terms of speed and you have 2 so that is more than enough space also.

Maybe you can try running 4 plots on each drive, using 4t per plot. Then set the timing so that only 4 plots total will be in phase1.

Any idea why xmp don’t work its on profile 1 but on task manager is 2667 mhz …

upgrade the bios? not that it should matter much on an Intel system (for plotting at least)