Need plotter machine suggest

I need build a plotter system, the target is 1000 plots per day with BB, at least 200PPD for a single machine, what hardware should I choose?
my friend said double AMD EPYC 7601(32C) do it in 6 min, but I have no idea whether it is true
and by the way, I also consider the power consumption, power efficiency is the most important because my electricity is very expansive, so E5 V2 not on the list

Alternatively work out what you cost per plot is going to be, if you spend out £4000 on a server that does 200 plots/day and you think you will be plotting for 100 days (as an example) that is £0.20 per plot for hardware, not including the Electricity costs in your area.

You only need to plot at the rate you can afford buy hard drives each week/month.
The value of chia you may have missed out on by not plotting quicker might still be less than the value of the hardware you otherwise would have to pay extra for.

I’ve never used Epic or blade bit as I don’t have that much ram, so can’t comment on the times but the people getting those 6min times must be using the fastest ram 3200 I would think.


if you have strong download speed , hire a dedicated server and download your plot files but you can not arrive 1000 plots per day with that way.

thanks, in fact I plan to plot at 1000 PPD for a year, because I plot for my customers, me self only have a few PBs, my customers they have more than 10 PB

Threadripper Pro with 64 Cores and 1 TB RAM, and two parallel plots. Average plot time will be 3.5 minutes.

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