Need remote support to install and farm harvest CHIA

I’d just bought my PC ( in my thought for farmming CHIA and doing 3DsMax and Twinmotion render).
I need someone to support me by remotely install everything from the begining ( as i’m not tech sevvy and don’t have much time to focus on learning code or tutorial on youtube)
I will pay for this support !
My PC configure :slight_smile:
Mainboard : X570s EAGO G GYGABYTE
DDR4 : 32X2 = 64GB corsair 3600 Bus
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 8 cores - 16 threads
2TB NMVe ( x2) + 6 TB HDD SATA
Graphic card AMD RX 6700XT 12GB OC GAMING

If you can type on here you can learn to install Chia.

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Already tried to install, but could not :smiling_face_with_tear:

Pls try and learn, if you cant do a simple install keeping it all running well will be a huge issue id imagine.

If you fail, try and try again, best way to learn.

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Who installed your windows machine?

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Look bro I gochu :100:

Download AnyDesk

Give me ur number and I’ll knock on your door and u can watch me install chia. On any distro.

For free. Cause I’m bored.


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Lol, let the guy who wanted to create a chia botnet / virus do your install…


Really aprreciate. Check your ib pls :slight_smile:

The retailer shop IT installed all for me :slight_smile:

I follow this guy instruction… but stuck and can not install as he said :slight_smile:


If this person claims that he can’t download chia_setup.exe (etc) and just double click on it, then he can’t download Anydesk or Teamviewer. So may he should just stick to plating onions in the backyard or he needs somebody to hold the shovel also. I would like to know what he does to put food on his table?

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Goto swing the bat if he’s ever gonna hit the ball. AnyDesk practically installs itself :jigsaw:.

U google. Any desk. Click on the first result likely. Homepage will be all red. Click the button says download. Then open that downloaded file. Click yes next next next install.

It will give a number

Here’s a link.

But that is exactly the same as installing Chia, apart from the number at the end.

If someone can’t learn how to install a program, then how are they going to create and manage plots.

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When the page says download and now you want him to open the downloaded file, what make this different than downloading chia

Now are there directions on a can of soup???

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He wants remote help. :roll_eyes:. Setting up plot drives. Ect. I’m sure once he sees someone do it one time he could emulate. Crafting a plot and other nuance’s.ds

So the most dangerous type ! And u hope id stfu? Fuk u.

I call BS! There is no feckin nuances!

You can follow inst or not…
Plenty of vids explaining how!

Either i really misundersatand you, or ur a proper cnut!

Pls, post ur saviour post, or FO again for few months till u think im not watching…

I wouldnt trust u if the sky darkened b4 my eye!

And you have already shared that fact on this forum before i did! ! FO YOU CNUT!

I know deleted posts are deleted… ( from my memory
You remember saying youd set your father / family on
me? I DO.
I do…

But your alnighty da has failed to reduce my xch balance, let alone impact my RL YOU FECKIN MORON.

Bring it! Waiting with open arms!


Maybe a little more cinnamon than I would have brought, but I’m gonna have to agree. Politely decline DrJones’ offer.


@Bones I have flagged all his posts in this forum. One more person, and those will be blocked.

heres the truth

you all are just so hateful, and closed minded.

im not some sneaky hacker or Russian spy.

please read my plea

the fact of the mattter is

’ Literally never done anything wrong/bad just i have disagree opinion with a few people on this forum.

challenge anyone to proove otherwise.

never caused a dust storm.
never stole anyone chia
never tricked anyone out of chia.
never done/said anything against the holy chia…
never tired to stop the chain, or other cataclysm.
for the record iv only had 2 profiles drjones, and jrjones.
never even gave poor advice.
i have never even flagged a comment.
only ever give thumbs ups.

just want to help people.

if you can prove me wrong go for it.

but you cant

wich makes u guys a gang of trols

i might of blatantly trolled a couple of people. who trolled me first.
shouldn’t bar me from being helpful when duty calls

testing and modifying programs is great joy to me. and if there a way to break it. ill find it. its just my nature.

doesn’t make me a “hacker” mega thief, lacking in morals or something.

no one is on the rocket to another galaxy, about chia…

literally from my seat the only thing is me having differing opinions. about fundamentals
and that makes people upset. to chalange the norm… can really fk people up in the head somehtings.
people who have never thought outside of the box…

why would someone even waist thier time to be a “chia hacker” scamming people excreta, creeping on forums… it doens tsay tro do this on the holy github manuscript. so i do not do this.

before i showed up this whole forum was so insecure… people would come on here and believe anything. take any sort of bad advice. trust anyone… buncha suckers

ya i prolly scared some people… sure they might hate me. but ya know what it opened their eyes. to some hard truths. and are now better people, because of the things i say.

when really its everyone favorite people who have come to light on this forum. that have turned out to be the real hacker scammers of the forum… that why is seems like everyone likes them… obviously. that is the approach of an experienced hacker. to be very likable, nice, agreeing, and helpful… 90% of the time its because that persons a hacker.

im not here to put artificial smiles on your face and stroke ur ego’s like ur hacker boyfriends

im on my own shit. and this guy wanted help. and im being battered for trying to help

this forum sucks

read a book.

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