Need some help when swapping to Windows 11

I swapped my PC from Windows 11 to Windows 10. It is a 3995WX and I am using a Adaptec RAID 78165 2280900-R with Internal/External Mini SAS to SATA Cables (1 to 4) and they show up properly in Windows.
One thing I noticed was that from my AA-AG, Chia used different drives (changed them to D E H F…) .

I understand you have to trust my excel vs human error, but I am missing ~1K plots due to me being forced to use ‘shortcuts’ to add all the drives. I can’t even add them all on one PC which was my initial place with the 3995WX.

Looking for some help on this to make sure I can make my 3995WX run 7x 24 18TB ‘RAID’ drives (they are not in RAID configuration). Currently I want it to run 2x 24 18TB drives on that one PC but I have to use my 5950X to run the other raid driver. I do not fully understand this and would really appreciate some help forward.

I have removed all files from .chia folder but db and wallet to speed up time and it remained the same.

I need to add that I used Windows PowerShell to get that information which means it seems beyond the GUI. I can repeat it again, but tonight I will attempt to rename AA-AG and see how that goes. I do not expect much unless it is actually a different issue.