Need some help with something

Helo Chia bros,

me and a friend started chia farming. we started with about a fairly large TB storage space at start or what we felt at that time and then Peta Bytes guys jump in :slight_smile:

the goal was to gradually increase with time however things did not went that much smooth as we were planning due to multiple factors like chia price tanking or reset. We had couple of hardware issues on our hand related to storage, power issue or networking or that we were unable to give proper time and sometime our rig went offline for weeks.

So we decided to call it off for now till we sort our rest of the problems in our life.

We sold most of our drives by now. Last batch was bought by a friend of mine for his office about 35 % capacity. According to him he only needed 2 at max for whole year but he decided to help me in this way and bought all of them on invoice price plus it was a good deal. They still got it less then market price and for us we got quick cash in one day.

However he recently told me that with their current working usage they will basically full one 4Tb or 8Tb drive after 3 - 4 months so in the mean time he wants to do some chia mining and since our drives were already plotted so can I hand him over the key or at-lest setup the system for him while any chia coin goes to his wallet instead of ours.

Now the things is we already have some amount in chia wallet and we want to keep it that way for next 5 years or so.

We used same key for both OG and NFT plots and OG means that key is shared with other pools as well.

So if I put a different key in receiving address then will we be able to receive coins on it. As per my understanding is that he will be only getting self pool chia coin on that address and pool chia will go to original key.

We still have some drives with plots and if we don’t get lucky with selling them then most likely after some time we will put them back online once we sort out our other issues.

So is their any work around for this situation where we might be having 2 owners of same key.

My friend already hinted me that he might buy the rest of the stock as well so in that case we don’t have to worry about this key problem but he need to get some approval from his other business partners for it first so its a cliff hanger situation at the moment.

Although we did suffer some loss in the form of dead drives or that 2 of our samsung nvme crossed their proposed TBW and clearly we can’t sell them to any friend / customer now as they can be theoretically dead at any time.

thanks for reading the long post.

To keep XCH’s farmed earlier you can transfer them to a fresh (possibly ‘cold’) wallet for future storage.
Your friend that has acquired your drives has to take similar measures to prevent ‘third parties’ access to his wallets. Third parties not only you as his friend but having keys on more places also poses higher risc of someone stealing them. If someone would hack your phone/pc/deskdrawer holding the (his!) keys this could mean a nasty end to your friendship…
For OG plots I think you can separate receive address for farmer (0.25) and pool (1.75) rewards on both clients farming with the same keys.
For NFT plots this is not possible, both clients can manipulate the Plot NFT on the blockchain, changing pool and/or pay-out address. You cannot separate earnings from those NFT plots between your (remaining) plots and the ones he acquired.
I think the best outcome of the cliffhanger would be for your friend to buy the remaining disks;-)

Definitely transfer the current XCH in to a separate wallet, ideally cold wallet by creating new wallet making a small transfer to it to test you got everything setup correctly. Then you can test the cold wallet functionality by printing your wallet seed phrase, deleting the wallet and associated private key and recreating the wallet from seed phrase. With the new thin wallet this should now be very quick to do as you no longer have to wait for a full sync but I have not tried the new wallet yet. Then you can transfer remaining amount, wait till it’s confirmed, delete the wallet and key and store the seed phrase to it in 2 safe places (ideally on-site and off-site in case of fire) in a safe or locked to prevent access. Wait 10y, check price, buy you own island with XCH lol :wink:

Now your friend can safely farm XCH using your plots and simply change the pool payout farmer (.25) payout address to his own wallet. This is actually how I’m farming directly to a cold wallet with NFT plots but not sure if same approach will work with OG as I migrated all my plots to NFT already but I don’t see why it should not work. Just note that some pools make you change the payout address through their UI instead of taking the config from the farmer and the farmer payout can be set in the Chia config file on the farmer.

Thanks but I am not sure if we can use the same approach with old plots. 70 % of our plots were non nft. In my absence here few more drives are sold now.

We only have few plotted drives with us now and hopefully he will get the remaining one’s as well before anyone else get them.