Need to reinstall Windows, any tips?

I have a doubt, i have all my plots in externals HDD, but i need to reinstall Windows, so i´ll need to format C: and my chia software is installed on the same drive(c), do i need to backup something first? or just by adding 24 words will be enough? because i have heard of people not that plots doesnt work anymore…

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All plots will work if you save and then restore your keys with 24 words mnemonics.


Backup the blockchain and wallet databases to avoid a lengthy sync.

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How is that done?
Which files are involved?

I just switched to a new machine, and lost 2 chia coins. I still have my old computer, but when I entered the 24 words on the new computer and sync’d, it only showed 4 coins. The old computer still shows 6 coins.

So I would be careful about getting rid of the old computer before switching.

In the .chia\mainnet\database folder

That should not be possible, new wallet is fully synced?

Does the explorer show all coins going to the same address?

Oh, it’s possible, and both computers are fully sync’d, and the receive address is the same on both computers (I wasn’t sure if that’s the address you’re asking about). I’m going to try copying the database over to the new computer, see if that fixes it.

I copied the mainnet directory from the old computer to the new computer, and now it’s showing 6 coins, so that worked.

guess so :sweat_smile: