Network hacking. Theoretical questions

I have some thoughts and questions reading a lots of Err.DOUBLE_SPEND, unrewarded found proofs and probably sync problems.

The question is: how it works?!

I assumed next scenario:

I making modification of chia fork next way: add one more synchronization layer what sends to my another trusted nodes (here my sync layer) actual challenges, blocks etc and delayed for some short time to all other connected nodes. Then I making a lots of VDS, not farming, just making synchronization, the goal is to delay a part of network. So my own farms, connected to my net as my trusted nodes, plays actual challenges. And my farms have more chances to wins a proof and get reward. So other “delayed” farm also could win a proof of block, but proof has found and rewarded and no more rewards could be given for that block.

Is it real? How it prevented?


I think for this you’d need to ask the developers on their keybase chat. They are very busy coding in support for pooling at the moment though… but if you think you have a valid hack prototype, you should contact them and refer them to this topic for details.

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