Never-ending load symbol when clicking on "Manage your Farming Rewards Target Addresses" in GUI


On 3 of my 4 servers (Same setups) I get this never ending loading symbol when trying to manage my farming rewards target addresses. Only the 4th one displays the address and pool address.

These 3 also dont have as high a block in their sync, despite all saying they are synced properly.

Its 4 nodes of the same private key on 4 different machines.

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Do your logs show any errors?

It’s also possible to change the target addresses in the config.yaml file (farmer.xch_target_address and pool.xch_target_address are the relevant settings there).

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Yeah, just checked my log file and it shows many connection related errors. I have to look into having these machines set as harvesters but no full nodes. Then the port 8444 stuff and UPDP disabling etc. Gonna be a long day



Think you mean uUPnP (universal plug and play)?

I don’t think that has anything to do with the UI not loading here though? Did it load when you were connected to peers and syncing?

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wanting to follow through here with ‘solution’;

The issue was because too many nodes were set up using the same farmer info.

I switched to remote harvesting through CLI and eventually got it running (except for my ubuntu server which is now getting SSL errors, but at least the windows were resolved).