New Chia Pool - Pool.Energy

If you are looking to a pool with good stats you should look at it!

  • Dynamic Diff

  • Zero Fee for launch

  • Instant Payment

  • Zero min. Payment


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Why would anyone join such a small pool these days?

because 180tib getting 0.1xch when block finds. and pool has good capacity for find blocks

Where is your server located and what hardware is used on it?

The website/dashboard says


0.00007269 XCH/TiB/day

That’s 0.0007269 XCH/10TiB/day.

Compared to Space Pool’s 0,00257 XCH/10TiB/day this does not seem like a good deal.

Something wrong with the 0.00007269 I suppose?

the server located france. with 32 ram and 8 core cpu. I handled well to optimizatoin so no issue about that

I can suggest to look payouts I didnt wanted to restart stats. Profit is not true for now. Please check 187tib payouts

Where can I find your modified source code?

API and pool part at similar to your base. But I added like telegram bot. The repo will be available this week.

Do you take OG plots?

for now no. I have a plan for create a new part of pool for that. İt can’t be in same pool NFT and OG plots not fair I think.

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