New Chia Pool - What features do you want?

Hey guys

I have some hardware left over and I am thinking of running a chia pool.

What features would you want from a new pool? What are you unhappy about regarding your current chia pool?

And yes, I have coding, management and hardware skills :wink:

no fees pool :smiley: :innocent: no fees pool :smiley: :innocent:

I replied before but it was lost to the snowcrash.
A killer feature for me would be payments in eth on L2 zksync.

So instead of XCH you would want to get directly ETH on a special network? I need to check how this affect tax liability etc.

The problem I see here is that the pool needs to sell the XCH first instead of giving them to the miner. So we very likely have a taxable event. Actually we have two, first the pool selling XCH, second the miner receiving the ETH als โ€œpaymentโ€.

If you get what you mined, minus a fee, it is not a taxable event for the pool, just for the miner. Gonna consult some tax experts on that.

Well, the hardware and setup cost money. Also, if you want the pool to provide some kind of support they also would like to be compensated for their time.

What is the lowest fee a good pool currently takes? 0.7% at Flexpool or did I miss something?

Is anyone of you guys mining ETH or any other GPU/CPU based currency as well? I could offer a discount on the fee if the more currencies you mine in the new pool. Like -0.1% of XCH and ETH pool if you mine in both.