New chia record! now 55 usd!

i really dont know what can i say.
i hate you bram.


What truly sucks is that when the price goes down continuously, as it tends to do, the sum total of anyone’s XCH value drops, so…We lose even as we farm and hit more blocks :cry:

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Its my fault, I bought 5 XCH at $59, so the usual happens and just hours later the price falls off a cliff.

It actually went as low as $40.96 on

As a side note the same seems to have happened to HNT, but BTC and ETH seem normal


Both BTC and ETH went down by about 2% in the last 24h, where XCH close to 10%. So, XCH is trailing those coins, but has a bigger multiplicator (looks like only when going down, though).

XCH was well over 10%, its recovered quite a bit, but still 10% down.

It was $60 just a matter of hours ago, and dropped to $41 on, that’s 32% drop in a matter of hours, probably not quite so bad elsewhere.

its back to 52 from 40 usd. kucoin.
thats bullshit.
I think we should prepare for a protest.

What does it have to do with Bram?
You as an individual person decided to get into Chia. Has Bram forced or threatened anybody? Be reasonable and speak maturely please.


The target from the beginning was $20, we are still far from there. I guess we will finally setting at around $40 before it will show signs of a slow increase.

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I think we should not sell XCH and wait few years. I think it will take a while to get its proper value.

ofcourse bram irrelevant. lol.

bram and developer team do nothing for protect miners and chia. no burning policy, generate 21 miliyon chia, tons of wallet problems, big db files, strom attack and they almost banned everyone (who talking about price) from keybase.

another case;
maybe they made some agreement with hard drive companys. (only 3 companys. wd,seagate and toshiba.) that deal must be easy. they receive some money, manage exchange first and companys sold tons of hard drive. i read that hypothesis before but i did not belive that. right now this idea is not far away from my mind.

so yes i hate bram.

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