New chia wallet no need for sync

New wallet :
No need for sync. What are your opinions? Is there anybody who tried this wallet site?

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On further investigation of others replies I found that nucle is browser based and your keys stay local. After their source code is opened to ensure this is true, nucle looks like a good option.

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I will not try this.

Whatever they say, you would be introducing a gigantic new security problem if you access your wallet via the web and someone else’s network.

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I’d try this out if I need a hot wallet not linked to the farmer. The risk would be to the extent of how much XCH you want to keep there.

If their claim that mnemonic never leaves your device, there is nothing to worry about. All the wallets exist on the publicly accessible blockchain anyway.

no idear,
i just keep them on GUI wallet,
just wonder wich exchange would be better… huobi , gateio, okex?
would be nice that binance would add chia^^

At least in the USA, is the only option to trade XCH at the moment, all other platforms that have XCH don’t cater to people with a USA address. That said, OKEX and are both good choices.

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This may be helpful for you: Lets talk about Nucle and Chia wallet security - The Chia Plot

This is a very knowledgeable and helpful link. Thanx.

The most important thing I got from the above link is that the interface is browser based and that keys are strictly held locally.

“Nucle where you control the keys and it works like a browser application where all encryption is handled by the browser and the Nucle servers don’t see your keys and cannot create a transaction on your behalf. That’s the theory, and the goal anyway. We will be able to confirm this once they open their source code, so for now we will assume they are telling the truth”

I retract my, “I will not try this.”.

After they have released their source code I will probably give them a try.

I did see a reddit thread suggesting this wasnt the case right now, but I can’t find it for toffee.

That quote was from the link author, not myself. I was very impressed with his expertise and his wariness. He is willing to take their word for now and suggests that we will know for sure once they open their source code.