New debug.log file

hey people of the world.

i stopped my full_node gui, then i have moved debug.log into backup directory in order to start over new log file. Unfortunatelly when i started my farmer again new log didnt appear. What am i doing wrong?

Probably because there is nothing to log…

Whats your loglevel?
If it’s not INFO, then you shouldn’t see there much entries if everything works as expected.

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It’s WARNING/ Should i switch it into INFO?

With INFO as loglevel you will see a lot of information about almost everything happen in farmer, full_node, harverster…
If you aren’t interested in this INFO, you shoulodn’t switch to INFO as it fills your log files very fast.

I did. It works now but there is way too much of information. Is there a level to log only usefull for a user information i mean all things related to farming and plotting but excluding any minor detail?

You can set different log levels for different components to get only the INFO from farmer and harvester as example while only get warnings for the full node.
Here is the solution, but this is not straight forward:

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i see! thanks for advice i will dive into it later.

Try this > Different logging levels for different components? - #10 by davemx