New farmer not checking proofs

I moved 110tb of plots from an Ubuntu farmer to a Mac farmer and now I’m not seeing any evidence of plots being checked on the new Mac farmer. Both running 1.1.15.

With over 1000 plots I’m expecting to see lots of “0 proofs found” in the logs on the new Mac farmer but I am not seeing any - literally none.

This makes me wonder whether it’s farming correctly - and particularly whether I screwed up the move. The Mac was previously a plotter all I did to make it the farmer was to plug in the hdds with the plots on them and update the Chia config file to point to localhost instead of the old farmer.

The farmer and wallet are showing as synced.

Does it sound like I have screwed something up? Thanks!

Well try to see if you get any warning error. Do a chia plots check, etc.

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What is your log_level value in config.yaml?

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I’ve set it to info. Not seeing anything significant in terms of ERROR or WARN.