New generation learning about computer hardware?

Is Chia creating a new generation of computer knowledge? Im not sure if everyone will get money out of this but for sure many would have learned a lot from the process

We’re learning about bandwidth of transferring large files, and dealing with spinning rust hard drives, that’s for sure! I personally hadn’t touched a spinny rust hard drive in a decade before Chia…


Agreed. I know here at work we had a pile of rust that needed to be recycled for several years now. The pile is completely empty now.

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You said it, hadn’t seen a harddrive up close for quite some time.

I’ve learned a ton about ssd’s, quality, nand types, controllers, cache function etc.
I now own my first ever Xeon system and looking into JBOD’s, SAS etc.
Learning a lot

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This is going to do su much good for the future, the more people learning the better tools/products will have

Everyone should always be striving to learn! When your bored, Find something to learn. Most problems with society is education, Or the lack of it.