New gui 1.2.0 error

Using the gui 1.2.0 if you click on the “keys”, plotting stops and chia.exe crashes and you can’t go back to previous menu of wallet or plots. Also after installing 1.2.0 the mouse cursor moves with interruptions which was not an issue with the previous gui. Anybody has the same issue?

Not that, but last night I went to my keys screen, clicked on my main key, and it would attempt to load for 5 sec. Or so and kick me back to the keys screen. It was plotting so I didn’t want to force close it and I let it sit for a couple hours to come back and find it on my wallet screen. Plots and pool screens would only show the loading icon so I let it sit another hour and everything finally loaded up and has been working ever since. Very buggy build, I’ve had multiple weird issues on it.