New here, looking for some tips and advices! :D

Hello everyone,

Im pretty new to Chia but im excited about the project. Currently im plotting in my desktop and my laptop with a very bad results. I am ordering the following setup and i was wondering if any experience users here could recommend me or advice on how to improve it or which settings i should be running the plotting (how many in parallel, ram, time between them,…) and what i should be expecting from this gear.

  • Intel Core i7-11700
  • Team Group T Force Zeus DDR4 3200MHz PC4 25600 32GB 2x16GB CL16 (If the processor allows i could go for the 64GB as it is like 150€ more)
  • Gigabyte B560M DS3H
  • Corsair RM750
  • Samsung MZ-V8P2T0BW M.2 2000 GB PCI Express 4.0 V-NAND MLC NVMe (here i would do the fast plotting)
  • Optional: Seagate BarraCuda 35 2TB SATA 3 x 3 units (for more parallel plotting, even at slower path)
  • Seagate Expansion Desktop, 6 TB x2 units (i will expand when ever i fill them)

I did do the exact maths but in my country this will cost me more than 1200€. Any suggestions on how to improve, tips, advices are very welcome. I still have doubt if with the processor and the 32/64GB ram i could plot in paralled decent amount on the SSD and the HDD at the same time with good speed.

Thanks in advance for all the help and replies!

You should be expecting 0 chia so don’t invest any money. You will 100% lose money so don’t say I didn’t warn you :blush:

I am not sure that I understand what you are trying to do here…if you are only planning to have 120 plots (6TBx2) you definitely do not need all that plotting temp space. Also, if you are planning on having 120 plots you will not see a return for years. If you are using the Chia Calculator to figure out how much you might make be sure that you are using the advanced option that takes net space growth into account so you get a more realistic idea of the return. The default is very deceptive.

  • If your SSD capacity allows it, Core i7-11700 can do 10 plots parallel (time delay between each, like 1 hour or so)
  • Even with 10 plots running, never needed more than 32GBs.
  • Do not buy Seagate BarraCuda (it’s really crap)

All that said, if you did not not buy the BarraCuda SSDs (they are not great, as ChiaMiner said) and used Swar plotting manager to manage your plotting using just the 2tb drive as your temp plotting with settings of max 4 in stage 1 and max 8 total and a 30 minute delay between plots you would probably be able to pump out at least 20 plots a day (maybe a few more). In any case, you would fill your HD space in about 6 days.

Thanks both for the replies! I decided to stick to my desktop and laptop and put the money in drives better :slight_smile: