New Miner, New User, New to Chi, New to everything

For starters sorry for this being asked millions of times - but I just can’t get my synchronizing to catch up. I get my laptop is off the shelf, and not high end, but I thought I could do one plot and have fun, but it just keeps on super slowly ticking away at syncing. My port is on the 8448 or whatever I think, I’ve left it on for days on end and no leaps at all. At this rate after leaving it off for a week or so it’s going to take me 70 or more hours flat out to sync. But I can’t use the laptop for other stuff like banking and reading stories and emails and all that.
Should I give up on this device?
Many thanks in advance.


Before asking questions you should do the basic research, but I will save you the trouble.

Your laptop is not suitable for Chia plotting and probably not even a good farmer.

At his point in time you would need to bet a significant amount of money into plotting and storage in order to have any chance of success, and notice I say bet, not invest.

I would suggest a different hobby.

From what I have seen reported synching takes about 4 days now with a good connection.

Another thing to remember is that if you have turned off your laptop the Blockchain will keep chugging along and you then have to catch up on everything else that has happened while your laptop was off.

If you want to fool around with chia I would recommend investing just a little bit of money in a raspberry pi 4 that you can keep connected and on 24/7 and an external drive to attach to it. You can plot on your laptop and transfer your plots over. That s would just st be for fooling around and learning about Chia. With a small number or plots you will not be able to make more than change.

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Thank you for the reply. I’ll find another hobby.

Thank you for the reply and sharing. I don’t think it’s my fit. Cheers.

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With PCs for plotting + Hard disks, I probably spend around 2000 euros.
Now on pool, making about 5$ per day, 150$ per month.

my laptop worked perfectly fine for starting. made plots in 2 hour time. then i went and bought a server after i couldnt stop watching everything happening. now i make plots in 30 min. multiple at a time. for starting off just to see what it is. ehh. use ur laptop. :slight_smile:

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