New NFT CLI tool called xd-nft-wizard

Hi everyone,

I have a few NFT projects and wanted some simple tools to help me with NFTs.

So I created xd nft wizard to provide a quick and easy way to get useful information and kick off some tasks using the CLI but in an interactive script… so users don’t need to know programming, scripting, bash, etc. Just use a simple install script, and run the wizard with one command. The rest is a menu driven system. I’ve also release the full source code up on Github along with all the instructions needed.




Cool! That’s incredibly helpful because I don’t really know how to code. Thank you very much!

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what does name generators do?

There are 3 different ones that I’ve created so far.

Droid Name Generator

This will generate random names using 1 of 14 possible patterns. This is a nod to a galaxy far, far away. The 14 are ‘weighted’ so there are some patterns that are more rare than others.


Style Weight
C-3PO 10%
R2-D2 10%
BB-8 9%
AP-5 8%
IG-11 8%
4-LOM 8%
MSE-6 7%
L3-37 7%
2-1B 7%
EV-9D9 6%
C1-10P 6%
R-3X 5%
D-O 5%
0-0-0 2%

Norby Name Generator

Create a list of unique names in the following structure: 4 random alpha-characters, 1 hyphen, 4 random digits.

Random Name Picker
Script to select 1 or 2 word names from text files. You can allow duplicates or force unique names.

That is basically the run down of them all. I’ve used them in some of my projects to create names.


I updated this to Version 0.4. New features for Random Picking NFT and optional Airdrop. Plus batch (one-at-time, not bulk) moving NFT to a DID.