New (no need to repot) pool is open.

Yesterday I made $35 in about 28 hours on 927 plots. No you don’t need to give them your keys but you do need to load their app over the top of CHIA’s GUI. For now it windows only.

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I’m not sure what core-pool does as it runs on your system but you and others should know that it likely has access to your keys if it has access to your Chia folders. I don’t know this for sure and haven’t tried. It is not a safe method in my opinion. If you have little to lose, sure. But if it is running on your home network it also might have access to your other computers.

Stay safe, consider the risks. I have 5000 plots and it sure is tempting.

the same could be said of any closed source app and I am pretty sure you got loads of those installed.

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what is the worst that can happen they steal my personal data in exchange for losing their pool which is making them $5000 a week? I think not.

Run the app in a VM and then it trapped inside that and can not infect you network. Have your profits send to a clean wallet.

The alternative is wait at least X number of weeks for official pools (lets say 3 weeks) and re-plot at 3 weeks lose $1k on a 100tb farm. By then you’ll be making only $7 a day.

P.S. This is not a advert for them just saying what is out there and staying clean means losing a lot of cash. People need to understand when official pool comes there farms are going to be worth much less due to the netsapce. in the next month your farm will have lost 30% of a years profit as the profit graph is a curve.

100%. I just updated the chia app on one of my plotters to 1.1.17 and it was flagged as unsafe.

I’m not saying don’t use it. I didn’t. I said to stay safe and consider the risks. That’s all.

They can steal your data and sell it. By the time you find out, it won’t matter to them and you will likely not be able to track it down to them. I am not saying they are or will. I agree it is not in their interest if a chia pool is their business plan.

For clarity, this is the same pool as this, they appear to have changed the name:

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I pointed out that they broke one of the rules on naming in a previous post

Any linux client ? Only windows version :frowning:

Beware of Their “payouts” are erratical and much lower than expected. The “coders” behind the project try to hide themselves. You have very little chance to get to them if they defraud you.