New plotter ryzen 5900

Hello Chia fans…
I know There is a lot going on with pooling delays etc etc

I ordered Parts for a new plotter.

Ryzen 5900x
Mainboard gigabyte x570 ultra
Trident 4x16gb 3600mhz
2x Samsung 980 pro 2tb

I also ordered 2x micron 7300 pro 1,9 tb.
I want to test wich one is better

What do you think of this setup

I have 120tb of drives.

Very cool!

First off RAID 0 the two 980 Pro’s, than install Windows. Than make a TEMP DIR (C:\chia_plot)
Use these settings for plotting.

plots 9, parallel (this will leave you about 200GB space left on C:)
21min stagger
mem 3906
thread 2 (try not to use this computer while plotting)

Each plot will take 5.5hrs, Total time for all 9 to complete will be 7hrs. (because of stagger)

Total plots per day, 27