New Pool Launch Date

Well… basically said they won’t give a date now.

They are going to have 3 stages, and they will release what stage they are in. I remember when I got into crypto back in 2017, I was following a crypto that was supposed to do a big release, and then they failed and didn’t let anyone know. That crypto went down hill quickly. I hope this isn’t deja vu


Is there a summary of what was announced today?

damn it, no date
looks like i’ve got no choice but to plot on hpool with the rest of my unused hdd’s


That is what I am doing. Plotting to HPool and when official pools come out I will look to see if it is worth re-plotting…

I watched it, but it wasn’t a demo for users, just for pool operators preparing them, summary is they showed what they’ve been working on, which is a clever pooling protocol. You will make a second kind of plots (old solo plots will still be the same and work) pointing at an “NFT Singleton” address, these plots will let you point at a pool by URL where you can see the terms in the GUI, then join them. They will have a way to prove you’re really farming your space for the pool to make sure you’re not cheating, and a way to move the plots after a certain number of blocks if the pool starts behaving badly or not rewarding. They only warned people it’s rapidly changing so don’t start making these plots yet, but the initial code is up on testnet github. I’m really impressed.


So there will be “alpha” plots and the current plots are the “shamblers”. :slight_smile:

Heres my personal summary:

So for those that missed yesterdays Zoom Call for Pool operators, here are my key-take aways (you may correct me if you find anything wrong here);

  • The Chia team will not communicate any specific date anymore.
  • Pooling protocol will be released when they feel its fine. There was a remark that pooling protocol will be released when there were no critical errors found within 3 days.
  • The pooling demo showed that we can switch pools whenever we like (with some lead-time/delay)
  • To actually create portable plots (that can be used for any pool), we need to create a singleton (also called plotNFT) first.
    • That singleton needs to be created on chain (thats why we need mojos for transaction)
    • approx command: chia plotnft create -u %pooladdress:port%
    • To switch pools, we can change the Pool adress of the singleton.
  • We then need to specify -u param for chia plots create and the P2SingletonAdress property as the value for -u
  • Trying to plot portable plots before mainnet launch on pooling protocol will bring you a lot of wasted time (How do you want to get the singleton adress anyway if it does not exist on mainnet?)
  • Chia pooling protocol allows that we can join/leave pools directly from ChiaGUI (basically no registration needed)

Did I miss any important bullet-point?


I thought “Soon™” was trademarked by Blizzard? :rofl:

This to me felt very strange. Why 3 days? You can’t count on external parties to release potential exploitable critical bugs, so it’s all based on your own confidence, which either you have or not. You could say ‘minimum 3 days’, like a sort of safety net. Like in ok, we think this 100% ready, but lets put in a safety period just in case during which we all double check and probe.

Saying “we release after 3 days of nothing found” makes me think the more Gung ho / commercial side of the team is trying to reign in those that insist on more caution, “either you find a bug or shut up and we release”, but even then putting that number out there feels like another communication mistake.

Old solo plots will remain the same but can only be used for solo plotting correct?

Yes. Plots won’t break, new pool plots are a new type.

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They have released pool code that works so that pools can be up now if they want. However, this code is meant to be built on and is unstable with some obvious risks.

That being said, even if you get a pool up pool plots are not ready yet. They are releasing initial pool plots that likely won’t work outside testnet, then better ones that may work on main net but they don’t suggest it, then the final ones that will work fully.

So where could we check at what STAGE and percentage is the final pooling protocol?

A few pools are already running on testnet. The pool plots are no where near ready yet for mainnet pools though. Thats where the main holdback. So the pools are generally nearly ready but the plots themselves are not.

Let’s see how much pre-farm there will be this time… joking =)

Where could we check at what STAGE and percentage is the final pooling protocol?

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I don’t know, but would like to

No matter how much round-and-round we search, all we can find is “Soon”.